Our Services

Architectural Design

The A2Z Architectural Department’s primary goal in architectural design is to create spaces that celebrate aesthetics, functionality and technicality. Our architectural solutions aim to achieve a combination of beauty, structure, behavior and practicality.

A2Z’s team of interior designers is dedicated to creating interior spaces that add meaning to its users’ experience. Good interior design can inspire confidence, empathy, pride, creativity, security, and energy.

Interior Design


The A2Z Engineering Department includes civil, structural, mechanical & electrical teams. Our engineers are highly experienced and involved in complicated projects in the UAE and around the world.

A2Z Planning Department has the tools and methods that transform conceptual layouts into balanced and harmonized elements. The team aims to create communities that are connected through buildings, social settings, and their surrounding environments.

Master Planning


A2Z’s team provide architectural and engineering advice as well as technical solutions for different project typologies. The team consists of experts in design, planning and managing consultation covering all residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare constructions

A2Z is a registered consultant company in Dubai authorised to submit projects to all authorities. The team is trained to integrate local code requirements with its engineering design solutions and facilitating a smooth approval process and acquiring building permits.

Architect of Records


A2Z has a group of active site engineers specialised in achieving compliance of construction works and quality of construction products with the requirements of regulatory enactments and technology for performance of work, ensuring the rights and interests of the customer during construction works.

A2Z has a team dedicated to designing products including furniture, light fixtures, landscape elements and other items. Whether you need to craft an idea for a completely new product or evaluate the quality of an existing solution, our team has your back!

Product Design